NOW STREAMING on The Killer Movie Channel is CARNIVORE which was originally released on 20th Century Fox and has now been re released worldwide by The Killer Movie Channel. The Film is a Campy 80’s style Monster Movie, and made history as one of the longest productions of all time, taking more than 13 years to complete. Carnivore made its debut on the SyFy Channel and was later released on VHS and DVD at all Hollywood Video stores Nationwide.

SYNOPSIS: Kids discover that an old scary house is a lot scarier than they ever could have imagined in this gory horror outing. Four teenagers looking for a good time decide to have a party in an old house, that, according to local legend, is haunted. However, the kids soon discover that there’s something worse than ghosts waiting for them, the basement of the house is actually a secret laboratory set up as part of an undercover government defense project, and their latest project is a mutant creature that can be unleashed against our enemies. When the monster accidentally gets loose, the only hope for the kids is if government intelligence agents trying to keep the project under wraps can find and kill the creature before he finds them and tears them to bits.


Starring: Jill Adcock, Pamela Thompson,
Jeff Swan, Lori Johnson and John Jacob.
Directed by Kenneth Mader


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