(1975) SATAN’S TRIANGLE The female survivor of a shipwreck and two Coast Guard helicopter pilots sent to rescue her find themselves trapped in a mysterious part of the ocean known as Satan’s Triangle. Starring Kim Novak and Doug McClure

(2005) NIGHT FANGS Two Art Teachers are obsessed with eternal youth and manage to get Bathory’s Diary. Directed by Ricardo Islas. Starring Cyn Dulay and Ruby Gonzalez

(2007) THE DAY OF THE DEAD a gang of suburban kids are sport killing homeless people just for fun in Chicago. Directed by Ricardo Islas

(2006) LOCKOUT A family move to an old house in rural Wisconsin, where bizarre events ensue. Directed by Ricardo Islas. Starring Cyn Dulay

(2007) TO KILL A KILLER a retired hit man emerges from retirement to track down an unstoppable serial killer. Directed by Ricardo Islas

(1997) HELLINGER A fallen man of the cloth makes a deal with Satan and is unleashed to torment humankind. Directed by Massimiliano Cerchi

(2002) HOLY TERROR a malevolent nun returns to life to torment a young couple and their friends. Directed by Massimiliano Cerchi