Law of Perdition TV Series


LAW OF PERDITION sets the creepy factor sky high as it follows a detective whose cold cases are returning from the dead as ghosts to help him solve their horrific murders

EPISODE 1 a couple is found dead in a quiet Bucks County home leaving Detective Christopher Petrowski to follow some small but very ironic leads. Petrowski questions a young girl whom he finds oddly familiar though can’t he place why or from where

EPISODE 2 Detective Petrowski gets a lead on his current double-homicide case when a family member of the deceased is caught snooping around the crime scene. Petrowski also attempts to go on the mend with his daughter, Rebecca and realizes why the young girl on the stoop seemed so oddly familiar

EPISODE 3 an unexpected high-priced attorney comes to the rescue of the Meth-dealing Will Pepper, forcing Petrowski’s Captain to let him walk. Petrowski visits the site of a former cold case, bumping into the girl from the Walsh crime scene and does some off the record surveillance

EPISODE 4 During a steak out Petrowski’s new friend reveals her identity, causing him to have a near break-down. Malik’s brother Aamir scolds him for tagging a bridge and Petrowski has something to show Angela that she might not be ready to see

EPISODE 5 While Mr. Peck continues to fly under the radar as Bucks county’s biggest Meth Dealer, Petrowski and Angela retrace the last moments leading up to her death. Rebecca invites her Father to Chloe’s fifth birthday party and Angela reveals a strong lead in her case that points to Peck

EPISODE 6 Mr. Peck is arrested under suspicion of multiple homicides only to come up clean. Petrowski shows up late for Chloe’s fifth birthday causing more discord in his relationship with Rebecca and Malik’s older brother Aamir clues Petrowski in on an important detail about the night Angela was killed

EPISODE 7 Pepper’s found dead in a junk yard leading the police to the body of another missing person. While Angela and Petrowski build a case against Peck, they are visited by two un-welcomed hitmen

EPISODE 8 Munky identifies the murder weapon used on Corbin Burke, triggering a memory from Angela’s Past. With his hands tied, Petrowski is unable to use this newly discovered lead against Peck and a late night surveillance proves pointless for the frustrated Detective

EPISODE 9 Petrowski resorts to criminal methods to incriminate Peck and finds out Rebecca is picked up for selling low level drugs. Making matters worse, Mr. Peck brags to Petrowski with his above the law attitude, confessing to his sins leading to an explosive finale of Law of Perdition season one