(2019) THE PARASEEKERS: CORRADO’S FARM Episode One: The true story of a team of Paranormal researchers who investigate a 1700’s farm house and captures undeniable intelligent communication with the afterlife and demonic entities

(2020) THE PARASEEKERS: CHARLIE’S HOUSE Episode Two: The Paraseekers team continue their quest to piece together their findings to what lies on the other side

(2020) METAL HALL OF FAME The Biggest Night in Metal History Hosted by Eddie Trunk and Jes Fama and featuring Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Geoff Tate, Don Dokken, Chris Poland, Stephen Pearcy, Graham Bonnet, Metal Church and More! Produced by Pat Gesualdo

(2008) THE WILD WORLD OF TED V. MIKELS This new documentary, is a look at the film pioneering of Ted V. Mikels

(2012) METAL MERGENCE V This is a Short Documentary about Metal Mergence V filmed in Chicago

(2018) LEAVING EDEN LIVE XTREME ROCKUMENTARY Take a trip behind the scenes with Leaving Eden, and experience life on the road with one of the most amazing extreme rock bands on the planet

(2015) QUARTER BIN: ORIGINS a behind the scenes look into the making of Quarter Bin, a Comedy Motion Picture