Night Train to Terror


NOW STREAMING on The Killer Movie Channel is NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR from 1985. Aboard a fast moving train bound for Hell, God and Satan decide the fates of three unfortunate mortals. The three stories, involving an insane asylum, a death club, and Satan’s son, are told in a trio of vignettes.

In the first story, “The Case of Harry Billings”, a man is kidnapped and taken to an insane asylum where he is put under hypnosis and lures victims to be tortured and murdered as part of an organ-harvesting operation. The second story, “The Case of Greta Connors”, involves two young lovers who become part of a sinister cult of people fascinated with death. The final story, “The Case of Claire Hansen”, involves an apprentice to the Devil who is out to destroy mankind and a group of immortals who are out to stop him. As God and Satan discuss who will go to Heaven and who to Hell, a pop-rock band appears at some moments, singing and making a music video, unaware that the train they are riding is heading to the place of their final destination.


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